Anyone getting any Fish

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    Iv been fishing 4 times in 3 days and have NOT caught 1 catfish???Im thinking they are on the nest sponing????Who knows,"Really" Who Knows???
  2. Flintman

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    OKC, OKLA.
    Pat, I've been 2 days this week at Hefner, North side off the dam. I had 2 good hits today but nothin in the basket. All the guys I talked to said nothin going on all week.

  3. Love Them Cats

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    Vinita, Oklahoma
    We fished Grand Lake a little Sunday, and my daughter caught a small carp, and that was all we caught?:sad2:

    I talked to some people that fished Sat., and they said they were killing the cats?
    The water had dropped a lot from Sat. to Sun. and that had a lot to do with it?

    A friend of my daughter was telling me that his Uncle and some friends caught around 25 at a small creek, just out side of town?:crazy:
    He didn't know what kind they were or what size?
    We had noticed the cars parked there, when we headed out, and they were still there when we returned and I told the kids, the fish must be bitting pretty good there?

  4. mudfarmer

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    got rained out at washita point just before dark,caught 1 small channel. 1am,still rainin,rained last night too. lakes sposed to go back up 4' over the banks,can't release any more water cuz the reds already full. all this rain lately makes me glad 1 live on a hill.
  5. AwShucks

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    Guthrie, Oklaho
    My friend and I went to the Kaw dam tailrace on Tuesday. Total catch - 1 carp. The lady at a camping facility we were checking out stated three guys jug fishing the night before had caught 63 nice cats. They are probably on the spawn pretty least I hope so. LOL
  6. osageCo_flathead

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    I tired to fish the ole faithful fishing hole behind the house (bird creek) and it is so high I could not. All the water in my area is absurdly high at this point. In skiatook last night they had the road blocked going to HWY 75 due to bird creek flowing on the road. The waters have not hit the right temp (I guess) for the channels to start running here. I know the flatheads are on the nest here because before this last rain my bro-n-law went noodling and found some. I told him if he enjoys those flatheads he might want to leave them alone while on the nest... (that is another story though). I cant really say what the Blues are doing because we have so few of them here. Bird creek and Birch do not have many Blues and neither does Skiatook from my experience. It is a great sight to those ole ponds fill up again though.
  7. Larry Collier

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    Wagoner, Oklahoma
    Spring rains and high water are par for the course here on Gibson. The lake is averaging around 10 to 12 feet high. With high water south all the way into Texas dam discharges are being held back as much as possible. That's not good for fishing here but I can't really complain considering the increased flooding that would be caused downstream.
    As far as fishing goes, well, it ain't good! Shore fishing is out of the question, but I've done my best in a boat close to shore fishing the flooded grass, brush and timber areas using live bait. Nothing to brag about though. Because the fish are scattered around the shoreline using limblines should be good for those planning on camping at any highwater lake or river this weekend.
  8. poisonpits

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    i would say that the spaun is in full bloom rite now here.we had enough rain to get the river up an flowing which is normally good for our fish.i went fishing on the ouchita river last nite and caught 11 cats.not 1 fish was over 12 inches long.