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Anyone Fishing the Flint

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Just wondering if anyone has been fishing the Flint. I haven't been able to get out for a couple of weeks... but need to make some changes so I can start getting out more.

Figure I'd ask if anyone has been hitting the Flint and been having any luck?

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I'm goin to Sprewell Bluff(WMA/State Park,on the Flint) in the morning.They've been biting good there.It's all shoals,but there catching them in any holes deep enough to hold them.No big ones being caught,just between 2 and 18 lbs.My neighbor has been catching 6 or 7 everytime he goes,morning/evening bout the same bite.So i'm gonna try my luck,being its so close to home.I can't seem to get out anywhere else.
Just wondering if you are bank fishing or do you put your boat in there?

I've been there once (paddling down river) I think I could get upstream a bit anyway if I needed to.

I had a good laugh on myself the other day, I went to what I thought was the dam at Lake Chehaw in Albany. I was surprised at how small the Flint seemed below the dam.

Latter on I was looking at the area using Google maps and realized that there are two dams there and I was at the small one.:doh:pat
bank ain't putting nothing bigger than a canoe in there,unless you want to do more dragging than floating.i do wade out in the river to get better angles on the holes,throwing out straight from the bank,means a lot of retieing.we caught 4 today,my neighbor lost a whopper though.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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