Anyone fished the upper verdigris(above oologah) lately?

Discussion in 'OKLAHOMA RIVERS TALK' started by fishnfool68, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. fishnfool68

    fishnfool68 New Member

    Near Tulsa Oklahoma
    Just wondering if the waters down any ,if thier is any damage from the oil spill,and if anyones fishing up there?
  2. catfishcentral

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    I haven't been in a long while. The lake is almost back to normal...I think it's only 4 feet above now. When that oil spill happened they placed several boom's across the river to catch any oil. I know they had them up right at the bridge on highway 60 and I think another one farther upstream. 42,000 gallons sounds like a lot but a majority I think stuck to the city of coffeeville. There's some oil I'm sure that made it downsteam but I don't think it will have much if any impact on the river. The ramp at big creek should be fine to use, but I haven't been there since the flood.