anyone fished the tubes lately?

Discussion in 'KANSAS RIVERS TALK' started by fishinfreak19D, Jun 29, 2009.

  1. fishinfreak19D

    fishinfreak19D New Member

    Pittston, PA
    goin fishin tonight and was thinkin bout goin for some milford blues, but i wanna try to bring some flathead meat on vacation with me for my old man,, has anyone who fishes the tuttle tubes caught any.
  2. Katatonik

    Katatonik New Member

    Ogden, Kansas,
    There are flatheads in there, channels is what I've mostly been catching
    on the few times I've been out to Tuttle Tubes this year. If you are
    lucky, a stunned drum will float by and you can use him for cut bait.
    Seems I get lucky that way most times I fish out there. Now I know
    why the heron and egrets will stand around for hours on some of the
    chunks of rip rap waiting. Some dying fish will drift by eventually.

    I want some Fat Kat bobbers. I could stick a glow stick in one of them
    and cast the night away, smoking a cigar on the drifts downstream.
    Betcha you could let her go downstream more than a hundred yards
    before reeling in. Good long drift. Yeah.

  3. KC Jayhawk 78

    KC Jayhawk 78 New Member

    Kansas City, Ks
    Thats sounds good Mike. Id even try that kat bobber at the river pond off the beach or in that slack water area to the side of Rocky Ford. You never know when a flathead will swim by and swim off with you perch. :big_smile: