Anyone Fish Thomas Hill in Missouri?

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    Me and a buddy have been catfishin the warmwater boatramp and have had no success at all....Anyone got anytips about where to go or anything? Mainly use liver and stinkbait since we have no net for shad nor no where to get them or how to use them like everyone else. Not new to catfishing just not experienced and would like to catch something bigger than 2lb. Tried the river down at Glasgow with no luck and dont know where any bait shops are located around my area of Moberly. Any pointers would help greatly!!!
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    I plan on fishing that lake in the end of May but from what I have heard, crappie is awesome, flathead on goldfish is good with the possilbly of catching big ones, and channel is overpoputated in that lake.

    Thomas Hill Reservoir (Northeast Region)
    Information: (660) 785-2420

    4,500 acre Thomas Hill Reservoir provides water for cooling Associated Electric’s coal-fired generators. The warm water discharge results in a unique, year-round fishery. White Crappie are one of the most sought after species and anglers should expect similar action in 2006 as in 2005, but with fewer large fish. Our fall 2005 trap-netting survey revealed more adult crappie than in 2004, but only 25% were 9 inches or longer. Popular with wintertime anglers due to their attraction to the warm water discharge, hybrid striped bass are known for their fierce fight. Fish exceeding the minimum length limit of 20 inches can be caught on rattling lures, soft plastics and jigs, as well as chicken livers and minnows. Both crappie and hybrid striped bass are vulnerable through the winter months in and below the warm-water discharge canal on the southeast side of the lake. Largemouth bass enthusiasts will be pleased with Thomas Hill Reservoir in 2006. Anglers will find higher numbers of bass and a larger proportion will be 15 inches or longer than in 2005. Flathead and channel catfish round out the angling choices at this reservoir. A majority of channel catfish are small due to overpopulation, so anglers are encouraged to take home their daily limit of ten. There is the potential to catch a large Flathead catfish and they can be best pursued with live bait in late May and June. Brush piles were placed in the lake as fish-attracting cover from 1991 through 1994. In spring 2005, eleven of these brush piles had new brush added to them and four new brush piles were constructed. Call the Northeast Regional Office to request a location map, or just look for the bright yellow "Fish Attractor" signs on shore; the brush pile is nearby.

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    I hope that helps ya. Also I did call for the maps and they send you two maps, one is the conservation map and the other has the brush piles marked. And it came in about a week. I tried to mark the brush piles on my conservation map so I just have to have one map. My friend and I are going to give it a try.


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    Never fished there during warm weather months, however, the best fishing trip I've ever been on was a cold, sunny, November day at Thomas Hill. We caught the daylights out of hybrid stripers and largemouth bass...Good luck