Anyone fish the pedernales

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  1. knapperheadmatt

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    should be loaded with catfish . anyone fishing there?
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    Kingwood, Tx (Houston)
    Talked to some folks at the Fredricksburg Wal-Mart last year, the store had sold out of night crawlers, seems everyone was on the Pedernales fishing for cats. The park road that runs along beside to the LBJ ranch provides some good access to the river, though its not boatable by anything but small craft. Also, haven't been there since the '80's, but at Pedernales State Park, the catfishing used to be pretty good. There used to be a well-know Texas sports writer, may still be alive, but he used to write about catfishing the Pedernales near the park in the Austin-American Statesman. He was a well established writer, have a good book by him on bass fishing and he often published in Sports Afield and other mags.