Anyone fish Lasalle Lake?

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  1. coondogg

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    I have been hearing about some nice cats in Lasalle Lake near Marsalles,Il.. Has anyone fished there before? Its a cooling lake and i hear there are some 50# pulled out every year. I think im going to try when the weather gets nice. Does anyone have any experience there? Thanks Shaun
  2. Cat Man Joe

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    Dont know anything about that lake. Looked it up though and its pretty far north for me. Welcome to the BOC though, good to have you!!

  3. Graywolf

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    Peru, IL.
    Up until 2 years ago we lived in Marseilles, now in Peru. I have fished LaSalle Lake a few times. Back in the 80's the DNR put in a bunch of Blue Cats. Last year they caught some 20 + pounds. Remember that LaSalle Lake is a perched lake and waves can get 8 feet or higher. They have a warning light that boaters need to watch (for high winds). there are a lot of bank fishing sites all around the lake.
    Good luck.
  4. Fowler

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    I have fished Lasalle lake a few times.My biggest last year was a 26lb and a 20lb. caught off of fresh cut bluegill by the warm water.My friend lost a 20+ last year right before we got em in the boat.I usually use a eagle claw 4/0 or 5/0 red or regular baitholder hook for my 4-6" bluegill.I definitely believe there are 50+ blues for sure.Before i got my boat there were people shore fishing there who cought one in the 30's.Watch your poles there, i also lost one pole there last year also.I would also make sure you bring some good poles and weights because the waves there can get crazy!I try double anchoring and sometimes it is not enough so i got to move to a different spot.Good luck.
  5. TEAM BS

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    I fish out there a lot about 10 years ago. My biggest was about 15 to 20 pds
    It all depends on the weather if its calm it great but if you get any kind of wind
    you might as well pack it uo. Good luck!