Anyone Fish an Avet?

Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by Crucial, Sep 15, 2005.

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    Hello again,
    I've been tossing in a couple of cents worth here and there... but being new I’m a little hesitant to start a new thread :eek: haha..

    BUT... as curiosity and pride get the best of me, here we go:

    Any one here use an Avet SX? It was originally intended as an off shore/boat reel for salt water. There was a gaping hole in the market for a small, bass sized reel and Avet met the challenge head on.

    The reel is incredibly simple inside (you can take it apart clean it and put it back together in a half hr depending on how long you take cleaning it, maybe less). It will cast neck in neck with an Abu 6500CS (although you might want to magg it, because this is one FAST spool) and brings your fish back to you at a ratio of 5:1 (perfect for bait fishing IMO).

    It is a conventional (no level wind) and has lever drag. Personally I prefer no level wind for bait fishing because its just one more thing to catch grit, and they slightly hinder casting distance. The lever drag takes some getting use to if you've only fished with star drag reels, but I have found that its far more easy to adjust on the fly to keep a strong cat under control.

    Wow, this has gotten long, and I sound like a politician haha... honestly, I’m not running for office, and I don’t work the company, I’m just a very happy customer. Those of you that have modified your 6500's just might love these reels.. so here are a couple of pics of my SX's and if you are curious, look them up.. they are causing quite a stir in the surf fishing community and the off shore guys love them! I think I’m the only one that uses them for fresh water haha and that's too bad because its a powerful reel, an smooth as silk!

    new blue

    My faithful favorite

    Sitting on a 8' G.Loomis Trigger
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    Crucial..... Your reels are beautiful pieces of work. I have looked at alot of the Avets online but have never used one. I love upgrading and tinkering with my Amabassadeurs. I would hate to pay for an Avet and rough it up flathead fishing like I do my Penns and Ambassadeurs, them big ole Penns are bulletproof. Do you have any experience with the Penn 525? I see alot of posts saying they are a great surfcaster right out of the box. Nowhere for me to surf fish here in Ohio but I still read stripersonline all the time, lots of good information I can apply to freshwater fishing and my reels. I enjoyed reading your post with all the technical information in it. I am an addict for all fishing reel information and all types of fishing. I mostly fish for big flatheads and it doesn't matter how big the reel is or how it handles, if it doesn't want to cast far enough I just add more weight because I only cast a few times a night. My wife is already planning our vacation for next summer and you can bet it will be somewhere I can surf fish with my boys. I know surf fishing is a whole different ballgame and my upgraded 6500's will be with me. The vacation is another reason I may have to buy a new Avet and hone my line guiding skills. :) Abu

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    Virginia Beach VA
    Hey Abu,
    I’m glad someone enjoys my rambling :blink: haha...

    Don’t worry about banging up your avet, as attractive as these reels are, they were meant to be used. Besides, pretty tackle doesn’t catch fish, just catches fishermen ;) hahaha…
    I would suggest the 'silver' model to keep it looking nice in typical catfish conditions, if that’s a concern for you. The darker the anodize, the more obvious a scratch is going to be :sad: So far my blue is the worst off and shows every scratch... The gold is my favorite and it takes a pretty good beating before you ever notice any scratches.

    I've only lived on the ocean for a short time, and I got my first avet because it was a salt water reel that was small enough to be practical for fishing on lakes reservoirs and rivers as well. That way, I’m not buying a piece that I'll never use again.

    I have tossed a few 525s and they are indeed great casting reels. I think they are a little large in over all size for my small hands but they are sweet reels. Daiwa makes a reel very comparable, the Sealine.

    You know surf fishing really isn’t that different. There are some natural things you have to work around as with any type of fishing. The biggest being the tidal flow and waves... which most often are going in different directions just to complicate thing more hahaha.. but the ole "bait-n-wait" or "chunking" as they call it on the east coast is pretty much the same everywhere. You need to cast just far enough to get beyond the breakers.. not 700' as some would lead you to believe, and your set. Your Abu's would be right at home on any beach, on any coast.. they are amazing reels.

    If your looking for an excuse to get an avet, the SX is every bit a fresh water reel as it is a salt water reel. I see a lot of the larger penn’s and newell’s and even the 7000 series Abu’s being used as pike reels, trolling reels and catfish reels, and there is no reason this reel cant do all of those tasks. It’s just marketed to a salt water market, and a lot of inland fishermen that need a hell-for-strong reel with good line capacity never hear of them.

    I could never talk an Abu fan out of his/her reels… I love abu’s and use them for lure fishing (because of the level wind) when I am doing a lot of cast-retrieve-cast-retrieve type fishing. They are lighter, cast just as well if not better with lighter lures, and the level wind is a great help when doing a lot of casting. For that matter, Abu has a lever drag model that could just have become my favorite reel of all time if I hadnt got my hands on the avet first :glare: It's a pretty nice reel as all Ambassadeurs are. I will never go back to a star drag again for bait fishing! The lever drag is just too Ideal for that setting. Of course I'll make exceptions for dangling a worm on a crappie pond haha... but for larger fish its the way to go for me.

    Thanks again for stopping by my little thread :D Sounds like your on the right track with all your tackle, a man after my own heart haha...
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    Thanks for posting about the Avet. I'm not loyal to any company, and I try to look at any option that works. Never owned a conventional reel before and those Avets look sweet, and I'm told they fish just as sweet. I'm looking to get the MX (18.2 ounces) I was told it's about the size of an Abu 7000 give or take, with a little more drag pressure than an SX. Thanks for posting those pictures...