Anyone ever had a license to sell bait?

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    Myself and TA2D have considered making a small bait shop, with locally caught bait. The liscense is relatively cheap through the NE Games and Parks. As kids we use to sell Creek Chubs to the local baitshop for about 50 cents a piece. Made a good day fishing the creek profitable :D And then he would in turn sell them for up to a dollar a piece making a pretty nice profit off the local river fisherman.

    Just wondering if anyone has or knows someone that sells bait whether for a living or extra money. As teenagers we realized quickly that catching your own bait was so much cheaper then paying over 2 bucks for a dozen nightcrawler and minnows.


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    I have friends with bait shops, but they make their money on beer, tackle, snacks, etc. It seems out here the big boys run the bait business, everything is shipped in or delivered, it's cheaper for the retailers. Kinda the WalMart thing in the bait world.

    I have found even with daughters (17, 9, and 7) that catching chubs and night crawler huntin, instead of buying bait is alot of times more fun than actually fishing with it!:)

    If there's a market in your area, go for it. You can't win if you don't enter.;)

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    The bait shops where myself and TA2D are from do pretty much the same thing. Out of three in our area, 2 are pretty decent price was. But the other one has been ripping people off for everything since we were kids. In fact the one in Nebraska City is owned by the guy who holds the current NE state record for Black Crappie (Allen Paap Jr.)

    We love going chubbin still to this day. We'll make a whole day of it.

    Don't know how much of a market for different baits besides the normal stuff. We've even discussed making portable tanks to transport and sell at the larger reservoirs, lakes, and the Missouri river. Thanks