anyone ever been scammed?

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    i know its off the subject but my fiance registered for a free trip for our honeymoon we're gettin married in september. So anyways a lady calls her today saying we have been selected to win an all expenses paid trip all we have to do is come to a cooking class at a hotel in nashville this weekend i know its some kind of scam but she has got her mind set that it is the real deal. i think im goin to go just to teach her a lesson. I went through this before with one of those newspaper ad jobs where you make $750-$1200 a week, that was a big scam they make all the money my first check i owed them $25. if its to good to be true it probably is lol
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    Anthony they will cook for you but the idea of this is for you to buy the cookware at the end of the show and it is not cheap but good stuff i guess. And the trip they will give you is probably a time share. Good luck.


    P.S. I have heard the food is great.

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    scam selling cookware. go to walmart and buy the best they have and pay for your own honeymoon and save money.