Anyone Do It Yourself on Spray in Liner for aluminum boats?

Discussion in 'Boat Tips' started by brushpile, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. brushpile

    brushpile New Member

    I should be getting my G3 back from my dealer on Friday. I wanted to see if anyone here has any experience with spraying in some type of rubberized no slip marine spray onto the decks.

    1. Brand and ease of installing?
    2. Durability?
    3. Does it take away some of the heat in the summer?
    4. Likes and Dislikes.
    5. Where to get it and approx cost....

  2. cuttingout69

    cuttingout69 New Member

    you may want to talk to Sgt.Rob about this. He has done a lot of different things to his boat, and it looks good. you can find him hanging out in the Louisiana fishing on the red thread or you can find him in national summer smash tourney thread. He is a good do it yourselfer.

  3. sgt_rob

    sgt_rob Member

    Bossier City, LA
    I didn't do that myself, it is a LineX liner. I believe that if you can find a do it yourself urethane liner (2-part mix with catalyst) you'd be OK. either way you go about it, you'll never regret it; they are durable and easy to clean. You can paint them any color you want. I had the bottom and sides sprayed front to back. It cost about $350 to have by 14' boat sprayed. As far as heat goes that would depend on your color choice; I went with light gray and it works for me.
  4. 223Smitty

    223Smitty New Member

    Brian- This may help, may not, I'll let you decide. I haven't used it on a boat, but have done a few truck beds with it. It's HercuLiner truck bed liner. I believe they have a website if you look, it may give you some application info.

    You buy a "kit" which consists of a gallon of liner, a couple rollers & a brush (I believe). Kit cost is around $80. Additional quarts can also be purchased at around $20.

    It's easy to apply, and durable. I'm not sure about color options, but you might look for their website for more info. I buy my kits from the local Menards home improvement center.

  5. brushpile

    brushpile New Member

    After a brief search, I think the do it yourself roll on type may be what I need. A light color of tan or sand should help with heat.

    Looks like there are dozens of companies. I found Cabela's has a product called " tuff coat ". I also found , and . Seems like a good $100 investment to me...

    Thanks for the help and if anyone has any specific brand of the roll on stuff that has worked well for them, please let me know..
  6. blackhorse83

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    I put the same type stuff inside and outside of my old duck boat years ago, the first coat on the outside didn't stick every where but it was due to me not prepping it right. After that it had lasted for years with very little problems, even after being high centered on stumps and running it up on rocks it has very little peel off. The inside looks like it did the day I put it on with the exception of camo paint. I went to a local discount paint store and bought everything I needed and I think it could not be any better.
  7. Iowa_Josh

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    Central Iowa
    yeah i did some that wasn't prepped or didn't like the old paint or something and it sucked. It was on bare aluminum and some old paint on the floor that wasn't that good.

    I did the inside of my motor hood with the rest that worked out really well. I don't know if anyone has tried that yet but it is a cool replacement to the old padding that was in there.
  8. quadman

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    Danville, Virginia
    DURABAK! Look it up on the web. I did mine and it is absolutely awesome. I used the tan and it made a world of difference in the look, grip, and coolness of my boat. It washes out very easy now also!
  9. snooker_hooker

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    i did the inside and outside with rattleguard. 190 shipped with the gun. you must prep any product right or it wot stick.
    i have more pics of the inside if you want. great idea, people called me stupid but its the best thing i did. rhino wanted 600 to spray the outside.
  10. Majesticman

    Majesticman New Member

    I have a couple of questions:

    I guess the name says it but does it help with noise as far as dropping a weight or moving a bait bucket?

    Does it clean up as easy as plain metal?

    I want this but I want to make sure because once it is done there is no backing out.