Anyone build their own Rods?

Discussion in 'Fishing Rod Review' started by huntduck, Oct 24, 2006.

  1. huntduck

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    Cant seem to find that perfect rod,so I thought about building my own.I ordered one of those (how To) videos today.Just wondering if any of the brothers build their own rods?
  2. Mark J

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    Four Oaks, NC
    I used to build rods for myself and for profit.
    I enjoy it as a hobby but dont want to ever HAVE to build.
    My hat goes off to Jim Hudson in that regard. The profits are well below what it's worth to the builder.

    I've still got my rod lathe, cork rings, jigs, drying rack, benchtop lathe for handle turning, blanks, thread, and componets but haven't built in a decade. My intrests have ventured along other roads BUT when I get the notion it would only take a few hours to set up and start turning rods.

    When I built I got into weaving and wrapping patterns like multiple American flags on the butt sections. It takes intricate layout on the blank as the blank tapers and it takes alot of patience.
    Frustration factor can be high when you've spent 12-15 hours weaving only to have your finish screw up or a bubble to appear in the finish.
    My fortay on rods for sale were 2 and 3 color wraps on the eyes and always used gold finished componets unless it was for saltwater. Most of my rods were racked right along with manufactured rods in a couple of tackle stores. My creations were made to jump out and grab you.

    The mechanics of rod building are simple, the engineering aspect is the difficult part. There is alot of ways to change the action of a blank by a small amount or a big amount by cutting length off the tip or butt or even underwrapping guides or using single foot guides , two footed guides, or a combination of both.
    I highly recommend buying Advanced Custom Rod Building by Dale Clemmons.
    It's a nice hardback book and in my opinion is the bible of rod building.

  3. choran

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    I started building about 14 months ago, and love it. So far I've build ocean rods onlyl, but I'm waiting on two white lamiglas blanks to put together two catfish rods. So far lamiglas is the only supplier I've been able to find for white colored blanks, which is my favorite for night catfishing, especially given my eyes! Rodbuilding has been a great hobby so far--every rod seems to turn out a bit better than the last, and I keep learning things. The book suggested in the earlier post is a great one.
    All of the tools you'll need to build a first-class rod are easily built at home, including the drying motor set up, if you have a little bit of ingenuity and woodworking ability. Patience seems the key. If I can figure out how, I'll put up a couple of pictures of things I've made.