Anyone Been to Ft. Loudoun or MH Dam Lately?

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    I went to Melton Hill Dam Monday, and the water was the muddiest and highest I ever saw it. Tried striper fishing with 2 oz sinking swimbaits, the current wouldn't let them stay down. Tried adding a 1 oz weight on a 3-way rig, same problem. Tried 3 oz bucktails and they wouldn't even sink. I moved to the little cove and tried catfishing with nightcrawlers and cut bait, in the slack water, but no luck.

    A friend showed up and we moved on down to Ft. Loudoun Dam, which is only about 10 minutes down the road. I've never seen it as high and muddy. Water was over the sidewalks. No one in boats in the swift water catfishing or striper fishing. We didn't even attempt the generator side, but went on over to the lock side where several folks were sauger fishing from above the sidewalk. All I could catch was one bluegill. Had a few bites on crawlers and cut bait, but no fish. Some folks were fishing against the lock wall for sauger in boats, but all I saw was a puny one maybe 9" long caught out there. I tried sauger jigs tipped with strips of cut bluegill with no luck. My friend gave up, but I moved up to the canal that connects Ft. Loudoun Lake with Tellico Lake. The water was good and clean up that way, a little current, but was down below normal pool level. I caught a couple of dinky smallmouth about 8", one on a Mepps #2 spinner, and another on a Sidewinder spoon. And as usual, the weather warmed up and as soon as it got a much nicer temperature, and I had to leave on other business.

    Anyone had any luck at either spot lately? I'm so p!$$3d at TVA for their carelessness in messing up Kingston Steam Plant and putting the other plants offline, it's driving me to drinking. Hiccccccccccuuuuuuuuuuupppppppp!! :angry: :eek:oooh: :tounge_out: :crazy: :sad2: :confused2:
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