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Anyone attending games this year?

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I was wondering how many USCA members travel to ballparks and attend MLB games? I'm from Grand Rapids but usually travel to Detroit, Chicago, or Cleveland to see the Tigers play at least a couple of times a year. If they played the Brewers during inter-league I'd take the ferry across the Big Lake to Milwaukee. This year I've been to April 12 at Comerica Park in Detroit, and plan to go to July 9. Even when my team loses, we make a day of it and I have as much fun as, well, a grand day of fishing. It's an extra special treat to go in person, sit in seats where every fly ball looks like it has a chance of going out, and you keep track of balls and strikes by looking at the score-board.

I am blessed to have MLB teams and stadiums so close by. We even have the West Michigan Whitecaps, the Tigers Single-A team, right here in town. I won tickets for me and three friends to the outfield booth at 5th/3rd Ballpark (air conditioned, all you can eat seats) a couple years back and no trip to see the Whitecaps will top that one.
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I went to Twins at Tigers last night and was on TV! Good win for the Tigers, here is my 1 second of fame:


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Yep, Stren fishing line! I'm surprised somebody saw us and told us about it, and I had recorded the game on DVD.
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