Anybody with old victor #4 or larger beaver traps for sale?

Discussion in 'Trapping & Fur Taking' started by channelcat_tracker, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. channelcat_tracker

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    Im new with trapping, only a sore year under my belt, and i want to get into the beaver market since there are at least 20 beaver dams that i know of that arent being trapped. Well i was wondering if anybody had old, used victor #4 or larger beaver traps for sale. Im looking mainly at people who no longer trap and wish to rid themselves of the traps. Well please post if you can sell.:smile2:
  2. yotepeeler

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    Being that your season is all but done now you can start learning to use snares . They are cheap and easy to make and use . Beaver can readily be taken with snares and are another tool in a trappers bag of tricks . They can be set to catch beaver and miss otter as well if they are in your area a lot easier then footholds or connibears .

    They can be deadly at crossovers as well as scented sets . Dens can be trapped using snares once you learn how to use them . Under ice bait sets are a good producer once the beaver have been iced under for a couple weeks .

    Do yourself and the beaver right and learn to use all your tools correctly . A poorly made set wises them up which costs you or someone else time and agrivation . An educated beaver can be harder to catch then a trap wise coyote . They know every stick on the bank and believe me they can smeel you and recognize you as a predetor once educated .

    A good foothold trap is about the same price as a beaver size connibear . I prefer a CDR as they have a 7 1/2 in jaw spread . Too many here are square shy from unstabilized 330 misses . I choose to use mostly footholds and snares myself for that reason .