Anybody using a crossbow to shoot gar?

Discussion in 'Gar Fishing' started by Catcaller, Sep 3, 2005.

  1. Catcaller

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    I saw in the Kansas fishing regulations that it is legal to use a crossbow to shoot rough fish with. I currently use a recurve bow, but I cant help but think a crossbow would save that second or two it takes to release an arrow...if you're standing ready to shoot...if not ready...add time to it. Theres usually a bunch that end up getting away because they show themselves only briefly and disappear before an arrow can be delivered via recurve. I understand how the deer hunters feel about crossbows...and I share the view shared by many deer hunters...crossbows should be allowed in the firearms/muzzleloader seasons and not the archery season. I however do not share the same view if we're talking about shooting gar for whatever reason...bait or even food so I'm long as it's legal to do so...and it anyhow. SO! Is anybody out there doing it? And whats your thoughts on the subject?
  2. willisjj

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    We can use crossbows for bowfishing here in Arizona also, although I have not tried it yet either. If I could find a cheap crossbow I might rig it up and try it out.

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    Actually I've never seen any bowfishing tackle made for one, I'm sure there is something out there if you did a search. The few x-bows that I have handles and shot were all extrmely heavy, I know I wouldn't want to have to hold it all day. For slapping gar I could see where having the weapon already cocked would be of a great advantage, I don't see where they would be of much use in the middle of a carp slow loading.
  4. willisjj

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    I have seen some rigs specifically for crossbows, but I agree, they would be slow to reload. I bought a buddy one for Christmas, it had a 150 lb. draw which is way too much for bowfishing imo, but anyway, that is the only one I have ever messed with and it seems like it was hard cocking that thing. Of course it was an older one, the new ones may be better for all I know.