Anybody take Abien?

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Tulcat, Mar 15, 2006.

  1. Tulcat

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    I have problems sleeping sometimes and once a month or so I take an Ambien (a prescription sleeping pill) to knock me out for a good nights sleep.

    Now there are all these crazy reports in the news about people leaving their house and driving, getting into crashes, and then not knowing what they were doing when questioned by the police (sleep driving).

    Now today I heard about sleep eating. One lady even called the cops to try and catch whoever was eating all her food after she went to bed, LOL.

    Guess one might need to consider putting the car keys in the fridge and then duct taping the fridge door shut ;)
  2. catmanofohio

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    Bro, for safety purposes i wouldnt be taking anymore of that medicine... sounds too risky.. if i were you i think i would be going to ur local family doctor and getting expert opinion but.. the signs are there just have to know how to read em.. :)

  3. onlyone

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    I am certainly not an expert, but i wouldnt worry about it. Its a pretty common medication.
  4. Tulcat

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    That's who gave me the prescription! LOL
  5. Cyclops01

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    And to think, we pay huge bucks for these meds.

    But I think I would rather trade my Lipitor for your Ambien. About five times a week, I wake up with some real painful cramps in my lower legs and feet. These are so bad they leave me limping for days afterward. These cramps are caused by the Lipitor.

    So, I have a tough decision to make... quit the Lipitor and suffer health problems from high cholesterol BUT without the leg cramps or, suffer from intense pain and sleep deprivation.

    Then there's Advair inhailers. It does do a pretty good job of controling my asthma but, the formula promotes Thrush outbreaks in my mouth. Another extremely painful situation that makes eating difficult. I don't think some of these companies have a clue about what's good or bad for us and I'm not sure they really care.

    Does it make any sense to take meds that help one condition but cause real nasty side effects and other conditions? Like I told my doctor, "I don't want to live forever, I just want to be comfortable during the time I have left".

  6. cook

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    My wife has taken ambien off and on-no problems with it,but everyone is different....if your O.K. on it and it helps...stick with it and don't worry about others
  7. WylieCat

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    First, I am not a doctor, so please consult your physician before starting or stopping any prescription medication.

    Enough of the legal disclosure.

    Those reports are extremly rare, and they are not sure if it is the drug or the pre-existing sleep disorder that causes it. Clinical tests have shown the bizarre behavior both on and off the medication.

    Obviously each medicine is different on each person. To repeat what cyclops01 said, you are almost forced to pick the lesser of two evils. Never base your success or the success of a medication on one persons results.

    One suggestion, if you have not done so already, consider a sleep specialist. The answer may be now different, but they may also find that there is something better suited for your medical needs.

    Lots of luck.
  8. TDawgNOk

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    Mike, I too take Advair. In case you don't already do this, rinse your mouth out with water after you have sucked down the Advair. This keeps the medicine from sitting in your warm, moist mouth which is what causes the Thrush outbreaks.
  9. Netmanjack

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    It didn't work for me. I wake up one hour after going to sleep with it. Tried a double dose, same thing. I told my Dr. I didn't wasn't going to waste any more money on it.
    And don't worry about all of that crazy stuff,or you will never get to sleep! lol