Anybody seen wiskers at Bass Pro?

Discussion in 'LOCAL MARYLAND TALK' started by Moon Cat, Dec 20, 2006.

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    Im sure yall may have posted on this allready. Im kinda out of touch with the Maryland scene. Has anybody seen this fish at Bass Pro?I spent years fishing the Potomac I went to the Rapp one time and beat all previous fish from the Potomac. I do all my catfishing in Va. now. I guess the Blues are getting bigger quickly though. I would like to see the Potomac produce high numbers of big fish.

    TIM HAGAN New Member

    Moon The cat you are talking about was taken around the fort washington water by Josh Fitchett on of my acats members when he was per fishing for our maryland catfish shootout. If you would check into the maryland chapter you will see we have all but out fished many rivers on the east coast. The Potomac river has become the river to fish for lots of blue. Fish in to 20 to 40 lb class happen every trip. My last 3 trip has put 22,14 and 18 fish over 20 lb.
    But in Oct at our two day catfish tournament 96 blues was weighed in with 79 of them over 20 lbs42 in the 30's 17 in the 40's and 1 at 50 lbs.
    Now maybe not the 50's and 60's the james will put out but as most of the vca guys have said lb for lb the potomac is one of the best rivers to fish. The numbers are just there every tournament I hold there just sames to put more and bigger fish at the scales. The 65 1/2 lb cat josh hooked into is not the only one in that river i know of 20 or more 50's that was taken this season just from my members just that only one made it at a tournament. With so much food in this river we are seeing them grow 5 to 10 lbs a year. Wuth this soon this river will be right there with the james if it doen't pass it. So many people keep the fish in the james and almost nobody would even think of eatting something that big from the potomac.
    Check out the Maryland ACATS tournament trail on my web site or at the acats web site. I have lots of the VCA members who also fish with my group we will hold 5 tournament on the potomac river this season and I look to see more and more 50 plus coming to the scales this season. click on acats/maryland acats everything from last season is there plus all the dates for 2007. Maybe we will see you out on the water.