Anybody have a recipe for homemade blood bait?

Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by wrestler126, Mar 5, 2008.

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    Does anybody have a homemade recipe for making bloodbait. A few years ago I met some guys in NE going to prefish a tournament and they caught almost 250 lb. one evening using blood bait.

    I don't remember the recipe, but it involved getting the blood from local slaughter house (no problem in our ranch area) and putting it in their bathtub. Which as I remember didn't make their lives REAL HAPPY. The bait came out in slabs.
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    steve,you first have to find a butcher that will do you the favor of giving you the blood.go to a slaughter house and ask one is illegal for them to give out any kind of blood,but alot of the smaller butcher shops will do it.offer them 5 bucks a bucket or so to make it worth their have to get some CLEAN 5 gal. buckets with lids.tell the butcher to fill em up about 3/4 the way full and ask for 1 cow per bucket to avoid layering.the blood will set up within 20 minutes and the sooner you pick them up from the butcher the not let the blood get hot and spoil,keep them refridgerated till you start cutting.the process of cutting is real messy so lay down a large piece of cardboard.
    1.carefully,tip the bucket and let the coagulated blood slowly slide out to avoid breaking the blob
    2.the white blood cells will be pushed to the top of the bucket and will look like foam.trim all that off its scrap
    3.get a good sharp fillet knife and cut off a layer about 1 1/2 inches thick so it looks like a frisbee and start cutting strips to the size you prefer
    4.have your tupperware ready and i usually layer the blood chunks with brown sugar once they are in the tupperware .i also add anise oil to only need prob5-6 drops of it per gallon .
    5.anise oil can only be bought from a pharmacy so call around.around here it about 10 bucks an ounce but it goes a long way . do not use anise extract because it contains alcohol and it will not freeze

    thats how i do it anyways and if ya need help on how to rig it to your hook,let me know.there is a trick to it -caleb:0a26:

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    Steve, haven't seen you before, so, welcome to the BOC.
    I've used Calebs blood, it's a good recipe and works. I've done all he's said except for the additives, anise and brown sugar and have had good luck with it that way too.
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    You know Steve, this question has been asked quite often. I was sure that the instructions were in our Library, but I couldn't find them with all the material they have stored in that location. So, I'll give you my version of how to make blood bait and I'm sure others will give you theirs or be able to provide a link to the library article.

    I take a 5 gallon bucket to the slaughter house. One beef will provide you with about one half a bucket of blood. If you put the blood from two beef's in the same bucket, you run the risk of the blood not congealing. Let the blood set for about 1/2 day so it will congeal. Dump the congealed blood out on about a half sheet of plywood or cardboard box. Use the back side of a hacksaw blade to cut it into the thickness you desire...normally between 3/4" to 2" thickness. Then cut these strips into the width you want to work with - normally about the same dimensions. Then cut the remaining stips into cubes from 3/4 to 1 1/2 in length. Separate the blood and in my opinion it does better to put the pieces on a piece of cardboard to cure. Make sure all the sides are exposed to the air. Once the blood cures, the side thats down will still seep blood from the bait. Some people like to coat these chunks with brown sugar befoe air drying, others wrap them in pantyhose before they allow the squares/chunks to cure. Choice is yours.

    Even when you prepare the blood properly, it will not normally withstand the strain of a hard cast. They will work okay on trotlines, juglines, limblines, and rod/reels when fished from a boat. The blood bait is excellent for the 2 to 3 lb channels.