Anybody fishing around Wachasaw/ Bull Creek area

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    north carolina
    I'm Ghostrivertimberco's fishing partner. We might be headed down that way next weekend. I noticed some of you fella's have been fishing the Pee
    Dee lately. Have any of you been fishing this area? I think it links the Pee Dee and the Wacamaw but we've never been that far back in there. Thanks.

    Also, what are you guys doing for bait this time of the year. We usually don't start doing anygood on bream till May but really haven't fished that area very much. We spent last week at Santee River and caught everything that bit on cut herring. We had to end up buying it at Arrowhead. Maybe next year we'll be able to net some. What are you guys fishing the Pee Dee/ Wacamaw doing for bait?
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    I fished the waccamaw 2 wks ago at red bluff , caught 6, largest being 16 lb using cut shad and live bream, i usually fish the yauhannah to ricefields area the most and use bream, shiners, etc. I am going to try eels pretty soon, hear alot about them working great but never tried them, hope this helps.