Anybody fished long enough to remember the roosey river?

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    any one around her remember what it was like to fish the river below the diversion dam before they closed it off to travel for the eagle nests?

    back ni 2005 i went up there in the boat and i could not believe how far i could go upriver when the lake was 98%. i got all the way back to the "crappers" on the south side of the river about 2 miles downstream from the diversion..maybe 3. i was going to go farther but people had lines out in the swimming hole there and a few kids were in the water.... im sure i could have gone even further.

    but looking back it was amazing to see that where i use to park for a nite of shore fishing is now 25 feet under water. or camping at grapevine is now 75-80 feet under water....truly amazing

    this year i hope to put some "memory" to good use and try figuring out which flats are going to produce the best on some river sections.... and i know there will be fish caught almost everywhere, but to be honest, there are really only 5 holes from the diversion dam downriver that always held cats....and only 3 of them had cover with only 2 of them having flats adjacent to them. and one of them has a flat the size of a football field and since i cant buy more than one extra pole stamp....ill stick to the smaller one i guess.

    i dont mind discussin those spots either....i cant fish all the time and fish replenish rather quickly as well. so feel free to pm me or whatever.... ill fill ya in on all the info i can. if you have a roosey map it would help though

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    I have not fished Roosie all that much, but I was there last year when it filled up.. I have plenty of photos of saguaro cacti 10 feet tall under water.

    * I went way up the river in my toon, can't say how far, but it was real cool to see.

    * The river is definitely where the big cats are at, It is nice to have you aboard.

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    Welcome Suey.....your post brought back a lot of memories. I made my first trip to Roosevelt with my Dad in the mid-fifties. The changes since that time are unreal. In those days we were crazy about bass fishing and Roosevelt and, later on, San Carlos were fantastic for bass and crappie. I did go all the way up the river a couple of times in a Fold-Boat(kyak). We really didn't catfish much back then. But once in a while we would run up the river at night, rig our bass gear with bigger hooks and throw out some cut bait. We managed to catch a few smaller catfish, but lost a lot of gear to fish we couldn't land. I really didn't get into serious flathead fishing until the last six or eight years. Now, I'm addicted and, at my age, enjoy catfishing almost as much as anything. Regards and good luck.........Rick