Anybody fish the allegeny by natrona?

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    I moved to natrona hieghts about a year ago. I fished mostly the Ohio most of my life. I just haven't been able to find the big fish up here. The biggest fish I caught all year was 37 inches. My buddy caught one 42 but that is the only nice fish I have seen all year. The bite has been slow, it seems most of the fish I caught were on cut bait. I have fished a few miles up and down from the dam on both sides of the river. The river does not seem to have slot of stucture. If there is anyone out there that can shed some light on the mystery that this section of river holds let me know. By the way just had my second son on friday, 8# 2oz so us catfisherman have some more competition in a few years, LOL
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    Congrats Nick on the birth of your second son! :cool2: I lived in Natrona Hgts for 36 years but that was before I really got into chasing Flatheads. I have a picture and newspaper report of a 46# Flathead a guy caught on the Braeburn side of the Natrona dam a few summers ago so they are in there. You are experiencing the same thing as me however, I seem to top out at the 36" to 38" range. I really think that there are bigger ones in the Allegheny but not many. The Allegheny runs colder than the Mon and Ohio due to all the cold water released from Kinzua and other flood control dams and I feel this shortens the growing season. Seems the bigger fish are closer to the Burgh. Good luck and post reports of your Allegheny trips, good or bad! :big_smile:

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    congrats on the birth of your son Nick. as for the fishing i can't help ya there as thats way out of my neck of the woods. you are a good enough fisherman that i think you will figure them out soon enough. good luck Nick.
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    Congrats on the kid, and glad to see you back around these parts! I haven't saw any posts from you in a while. I fished up that way a couple times and never did really well. I know they have to be in there, I just don't know where. It seems like that section of river is untouched by any catfisherman, especially us here at the BOC.