Anybody fish Arcardia Lake?

Discussion in 'OKLAHOMA LAKES / RESERVOIRS' started by jlingle, Jan 15, 2007.

  1. jlingle

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    Altus, Okl
    We're gonna be fishing in our first ever ACATS tournament at Arcadia lake by Edmond this weekend. Does anybody fish this lake much? I've never even been on it. I'm not looking for exact locations, just something that someone could contribute that would get me headed in the right direction for finding bait and some cats. Any help would be appreciated. I figured if anybody would know, then some of you fellas here on the BOC would.:cool2:

  2. AwShucks

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    Guthrie, Oklaho
    Jerrod, I have fished it quite a bit, but unfortunately, I have not caught anything big enough from that lake to brag about. You might send a PM to Mtrimble... he fishes it quite heavily. There are several others from OKC who fish the lake, but think they belong to ACATS, so don't know if they would help you or hinder you. There is a bait stand in Edmond, on the SW corner of Coltrane and Edmond road in the shopping center. It's more towards the south side... but the guys who runs it has always been helpful and respectful to me. I'd ask them where to fish.