anybody ever paint an ambassadeur?

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    Mount Sterling,
    i am wanting to paint a few ambassaders that i am adding clicker sideplates and smoothie drags to. anyone done it ?
  2. Ken D

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    B.C. (CAD)
    Hi, FD....Unless you are looking for a funky colour scheme, I'd hunt up factory fresh plates.

    Abu makes plates in green, red, gold, orange, black, a couple of shades of blue, grey, silver, and chrome. Possibly others.

    Now and then a set of 'camo' plates comes up on the flea-bag.

    I'd explore powder coating as well, as this is usually harder than paint. Or:
    I'd use a 2-part epoxy paint.

    Prep-work will be a challenge, to mask off the things you don't want to cover.

    Priming could be a pain as well, unless you take the plates down to raw aluminum, removing all the anodizing, and using a zinc chromate primer.

    I'd contact someone in the aircraft/marine industries for tips, as they deal with all kinds of aluminum in all kinds of states, all the time.