Anybody ever bowhunt elk?

Discussion in 'Big Game Hunting' started by flatheaddundee, Nov 18, 2005.

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    I've been bowhunting elk now for 3 years and was wondering if anybody else has been. I missed a nice 5x5 last year and lost a spike this year. The 5x5 was at what I thought was 60 and it turned out to be 70, and you can bet your bottom dollar I invested in a pair of rangefinders! The next year I knew if I had a shot the elk would be dead becuase I could hit a paper plate out to 70 yards. Then a dang spike ran up on me at 30 and it was quatering towards me and I hit it too far up yea it was a bad case of bull fever and panic haha, but he dropped a lot of blood and I tracked him for a mile before I lost him on level ground :crying: it cut like a knife. But I'll be back and more experienced because you only get better from mistakes! :D
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    Kansas CIty, MO
    Never been but I would like to try it someday.