Anybody catching any January catfish?

Discussion in 'LOCAL ILLINOIS TALK' started by BigCatDreaming, Jan 25, 2007.

  1. BigCatDreaming

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    Just curious to know if anyone here in the midwest are catching any cats in this cold weather. I see a lot of ice fisherman, and am just curious if any of you have hit on any through the ice. Also, is it true its better to use a jig in the winter with a shiner minnow or stick to the bottom with a rig? I have heard two different stories just curious what you people think
  2. Rainman4u2

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    Not sure how many shows you watch on TV, but I have seen them take cats through the ice with a minnow on a jig, or with larger suckers used for pike and walleye. I will be hitting a power plant lake here as soon as it opens up for my winter cat fix.


  3. alands94

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    Lebanon, I
    A buddy of mine has caught a few nice blues and flatheads this winter at Baldwin Lake.