Anybody catchin any lately?

Discussion in 'LOCAL ARIZONA TALK' started by SSgt Fishslayer, Jun 6, 2007.

  1. SSgt Fishslayer

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    south carolina
    Is there anyone around the Yuma area catching any lately? my Flathead spot is kind of pittering out and i am looking for some incite on where any other good spots or general locals may be right now. i have only been able to go a couple of time in the past few weeks so i dont really have a handle on what they are doing anymore. Thanks gents for all of the help.
  2. tofish

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    last week was doing good on channels and few flatties upriver from squaw lake a few miles. friend from santee,ca was down and we fished almost nightly. never was skunked. now i'm screwing with the running lights, so haven't been out in few days.

  3. Kevin N

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    we went camping at Canyon lake caught two the first night (saturday) then sunday put up the tent set up camp and sunday night caught 5 more cats 3 good 8to 10 lbs throught the 4 nights we caught 13 good cats and several small ones I have pictures of some of the big ones
    there was a man,his son,& sons friend camping there too he never cat fished before after our weekend he looks forward to doing more cat fishing
    took us just over two hours to filet them he has nave filet a cat eather so it was a teaching and learning weekend had a blast it is always a thrill seening new people get excited about catfishing will post pics soon