Any tips on the strip pits down in pittsburg?

Discussion in 'KANSAS LAKES / RESERVOIRS TALK' started by Rajun_Cajun, Mar 25, 2006.

  1. Rajun_Cajun

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    Olathe, Kansas
    well i think my dad and i might go on down there tomorrow(sunday)to pittsburgh even though were from olathe. but we wanna check out the strip pits. has anyone been down there yet or have any tips for me?
  2. kspor

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    Wichita Kansas
    My inlaws live in that area and told me that there is an advisory about not eating the fish from the pits. Something about the draught causing toxins to rise in the fish. I think there are even signs posted. Hope its not all of em, but also dont want a BOC brother getting ill either. Good luck. CPR doesnt fill a skillet, but it sure is fun!

  3. 600lbs

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    gardner kansas
    weres that at or close by?
  4. KC Jayhawk 78

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    Kansas City, Ks
    Chris , its down by Pittsburgh, Ks. Its it about 2 1/2 hours from us. Thats where the current state record channel cat was caught.
  5. onlyone

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    SE Kansas
    I go to school here at Pittsburg, so I've heard stories of some really big fish coming out of there. I dont know whether they're true or not though. I've only fished them once and caught a single bass. Ill stick to the Neosho. :rolleyes:
  6. Catcaller

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    Kent...the pits you're hearing about is only 3 pits inside of one area. There are several areas...each one containing up to 30 or so pits apiece....some more...some less.

    The contaminated pits in question are in close proximity to an explosives plant located out there. There was some chemical run off into those few pits. The pits are WELL posted at the ramps and everywhere where there is road access to them. There is in fact an advisory for those few pits not to eat any fish coming from them. they are located near a little podunk town called West Mineral, KS. The rest of the 400 + pits are safe to eat from.

    While eating fish from those pits is ill advised...the fishing should be FANTASTIC! The postings run off many potential anglers...but as long as you're CPR'ing doesn't matter. I could count on one hand the amount of anglers I have seen on those pits since they were posted. Fishing is not's just that they advise people NOT to eat the fish caught from those areas.

    As far as the pits around Pittsburgh, KS...they are good places to fish...but the ones around West Mineral and Scammon, KS are MUCH MUCH better....and larger to boot.

    The pit inside area #30...known as "trout pit" is fast becoming a true honeyhole. The fishing for bass and catfish definately takes a backseat to the trout anglers...and there is minimal boat traffic. The cats are getting REALLY big in that particular pit by eating the stocker sized trout they put in there every other Thursday. as a matter of fact....the KS state record channel cat came from trout pit...36 1/2 lb....caught on trout guts....and there are some really nice bass coming out of there as well...multiple bass over 10-11 lb in the past 3 years. i predict the state record bass comes from there within the next couple caught there last year was only 4 oz shy!