Any tips on bullhead fishing?

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Rajun_Cajun, Feb 22, 2006.

  1. Rajun_Cajun

    Rajun_Cajun New Member

    Olathe, Kansas
    well i really dont know why but out of the whole catfish family bullhead would have to be my favorite... lol i know they dont give the fight or anything a nice flattie does but damn there cool to look at. but anyways if you have any tips for the rat of catfish species
  2. photocat

    photocat New Member

    HOCO, Maryland
    liver and worms by/in the weeds on a size 4 (not a 4/0, a plain size 4)-1/0 hook maybe larger if there's a possibility of a channel picking it up as well... no or very little weight (don't want it going IN the weeds, just kind of on top of or next to) and even more fun is ultra lighting them w/ 4 lb test and 4.5-5.5ft rod

  3. CJ21

    CJ21 New Member

    Montgomery, Alabama
    I would use worms,liver and stink bait! tackle, I would use 8 lb test line and a light rod.
  4. barbel

    barbel New Member

    I like to use livers (surprisingly, whole livers work rather well) and occassionally a piece of cutbait. The older and stinkier the livers are, the better. Just make sure you dont get the juice in your mouth. Had that experience once, not friendly to the tastebuds at all ;) I like to use a slipsinker rig best of all, because if the bullie picks up the bait, he cant feel it right off, and I also like to use a 4/0 gamakatsu octopus circle hook. It will get caught in their throat like any other hook, but it occurs less often than a j hook does. If you use it with liver, the liver will smush down so you can completely hide the hook in the bait without worrying about the hook point being covered.

  5. Sinker

    Sinker New Member

    Pick and crush some leaves of common plantain; crush and squeeze until juicy. Apply as poultice. 5 minutes tops.
  6. fraid_knot

    fraid_knot Guest

    I agree. Also works on skeeter bites an all lmost all other bites/stings. We have three types round here. Common broadleaf weed. Wide leaf's latin name is Plantago Major. All types work the same.
    Great stuff. Grows everywhere. And is FREE!!! Look it up.
  7. catter5000

    catter5000 New Member

    Well,I have got to agree with wolfman 100%.You said it all.
  8. primitivefrn

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    collins mo
    when you get finned by a bullhead,
    wash your hand in plain old bleach, will take care of it. I use bullheads alot and cut fins off so i get stuck a lot. bleach has been the best Ive found ,plus kill every thing else, that might have went into the wound.
  9. nuthinlikeacat

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    Eden Prairie, Minnesota
    Hey Rajun, come on up to MN and take as many bullheads as ya want:0a24: Theres plenty of them up here, and I surely wouldnt miss them. As for best way to catch them, nightcrawler and sinker right on the bottom, preferably in a place with a muddy bottom. Right around sunset is probablythe best time to catch them, but if you find a spot where they are, they should bite any time of the day!
  10. comanchero

    comanchero New Member

    I've got two small ponds located in a couple of housing developments that are full of bullheads and really easy to catch. I use a very simple rig - a 1/8 oz jig tipped with a piece of nightcrawler about 2 feet under a small bobber. Toss that baby out there and within 15 seconds down she will go.

    In Minnesota bullheads are classified as minnows and they are legal to harvest and transport alive as long as they are under 7" . If they are over 7" then they are considered rough fish and you cannot transport them alive. You also have to be careful where you harvest them because some waters are infested with "invasive species" and there are special requirements and restrictions about harvesting bait from infested waters.
  11. eaglesfan00000

    eaglesfan00000 New Member

    I'm gonna do alot of Bullhead fishing this years. There is a lake up the road
    that stays muddy and there are some big bullheads in it. I can't wait
    I caught 2 of them last years but that was bait fishing.
    These tips helped also, Is cutbait good??
  12. beeheck

    beeheck New Member

    Iowa / Missouri
    Use worms and when you catch one throw the whole works, pole and all, in the water and go to bed, Oh kick the worms in the water to, they're
  13. beeheck

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    Iowa / Missouri
    Rajun Cajun, this is in reply to your comment that you sent to me via a Private Message. You felt that I had insulted you with my post about bullheads, I apologize. I never intended to do that, I was trying to make a joke, but obviously failed miserably. Being a gentleman you sent your comment to me via a PM and not publicly as to not further the problem, or possibly not to slam me publicly, I appreciate that but felt that my wrong demanded a public apology since my "humor" was posted in a public forum and so was your hurt. I sincerely apologize and meant you no ill feelings, it was a bad joke. Again, I apologize.
    Peace, Bill H.
  14. pendog66

    pendog66 New Member

    Brookville OH
    use liver or nightcrawlers. And i always have luck around here if i can find slow and stagnent water that has a mud bottom
  15. WylieCat

    WylieCat Well-Known Member

    I have been catching alot lately on redworms while I am trying to catch Bream for bait. I guess because I am having to fish deeper for the Bream in the colder water I am getting into their area.
  16. Rainman4u2

    Rainman4u2 Guest

    Minnows after dark next to a light source, on a dock. LOL!!! We caught 15 bullheads in an hour while fishing for crappie after dark. Apperently they follow the bait to light like the crappie do.

  17. bobsmitter03

    bobsmitter03 New Member

    i use worms and let them sit on the bottom and i slowly reel it in. The biggest one i caught was a 15 inch black bullhead
  18. brinley45cal

    brinley45cal Active Member

    Theres a lake here that you can catch bullheads all day,they average about 12 inches.I would have to agree with everyone about bait liver and nightcrawlers seem to work the best.Its nothing to catch 10 or 12 a day at this lake,but has anyone noticed that bullheads taste different then the other cat species?To me they taste a little more gammy then the rest,i dont know mybe im cooking them wrong or something.
  19. peewee williams

    peewee williams New Member

    If you want bullheads and sunfish to give you a good fight.Buy you a lite (5-6 lb.)cheap flyrod.Put a ultra lite to lite spinning or trigger spin reel on it.You have to use a lite drag setting,but you are fixing to have fun.You can have a lot of fun days with little fish.peewee-williams
  20. treddinwater

    treddinwater Active Member

    Indianapolis, Indiana
    The best luck I have for bullheads is in the river I usually fish around here. Above the dam the water is much slower and theres a lot of weeds along the bank, I've found that if you walk along the bank or are able to wade about 10 ft out from the weeds and cast to them or if you have a longer rod and can fish over the weeds, that's your best bet. I usually use nightcrawlers about a foot underneath a bobber. Be careful, as stated before, their sting is a bugger, and also, have some pliars handy cause if they swallow the hook, which they do quite often, you won't wanna get your fingers in there. I once read somewhere that bullheads have some of the strongest jaws in the animal world, and I would have say that next to any fish, except ones with teeth, bullheads have to be the worse bite, they get hold of your finger and dont let go. I also enjoy bullheads as tablefare, very good fried. Anyways, good luck and hope you get out for some whiley bullheads this year.