Any tips for Thunderbird?

Discussion in 'OKLAHOMA LAKES / RESERVOIRS' started by daniel-delarosa, Oct 14, 2009.

  1. daniel-delarosa

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    seminole, oklahoma
    Im thinking of hitting Thunderbird this weekend. I have never been there before. I want to take a day trip to set some jugs and pole fish also. That is if you can even set jugs there. Anyways, anyone have some advice on a good place to launch or area to fish? I will be coming from the east on Hwy 9 from seminole.
  2. catfisherokie

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    Oklahoma City
    You can launch at a couple of places right after the dam heading west on 9. All are good ramps.
    I like to fish the north end of the lake in the Hog Creek area. We had a tournament there a couple weeks ago and the water level was down so it gets nasty in Hog creek in low water.....hopefully with all the rain it is up quite a bit. If it is up, fish the willows.