Any Tips for Lake Monticello?

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    I just recently fished Monticello for the first time. I was wondering if anyone had any tips to pass on. I drifted in deep water with suspended cut herring. I caught one nice fish about 15 lbs and quite a few small ones. I would really like some help on how to find the bigger fish this time of year. The lake is fairly small, but I know that doesn't mean it is necessarily an easy lake to fish.
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    I have only fished the lake a few times but, if you really want to learn that lake you may want to consider booking a trip with Chrisblue (check the guides section on the home page). He is the MASTER of Monty and could teach you alot! Worth every penny!

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    Welcome to the BOC Kevin, I'll have to agree with Greg if you want to learn how to catch the big ones Chrisblue would be the best choice. I have been fishing Monty for 2 years now, I don't have a problem catching catfish from one ounce to 5 lb. but after that I'm not that good yet. My biggest so far from Monty is 20.5 Lb. But don't worry you'll learn alot from the BOC members just hang in there and keep asking !!!!
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    I 2nd and 3rd what they said. Chrisblue can teach ya alot!:wink:
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    thats 4 for a guided trip with chrisblue,he can put you on em and show you just about all you need to know about Monty.

    Advice from my standpoint would be to go away from the suspended fish and either drift or anchor the bottom,you need a slow drift at this time of year,around .3 to .4 mph,the area around the earth dam on up to the first set of islands will be good,as far as anchoring goes look for the fish on the steep ledges around 40 to 70ft,use some cut white perch,gizzard shad and threadfin shad,you ought to be able to get on a few that way,just be patient with your anchoring,it might take 2 minutes or it might take a hour,you never know,but you might just get to lay a smackdown on a hawg
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    Welcome to the BOC Kevin. I dont think you should have a problem finding out how to fish Monty on this site these guys are Moty experts. You should check out the library and there should be enough lake Monticello info to make your eyes go crossed. lol
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    Welcome to the BOC and good luck with Monticello.
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    Welcome to the BOC. They already said all the right things. Search the word monticello and start reading all the threads. Then check out the library. There is an UNBELIEVABLE amount of info on here.

    It's the best site on the web.
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    good luck with monticello its fun but rough with wind
  10. BluesFishing

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    There is wind there when its not blowing up the road 3 miles/

    It can be a Lake that will produce the biguns from the red banks one day and you not get a bite for a week.

    Then you can go out in front of the Nuke and get on some big fish.

    You can fish the humps on the back side of the first islands and really do good.

    There is a good spot over bye the grave yards,just float around they will find ya.

    Good Luck bud