any suggestions on manufactured homes?

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by catin38, Aug 27, 2009.

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    hi guys,

    i been thinking lately about saling my current home and moving into manufactured home. Not a modular but a simple double or triple wide. Ive heard about all the negatives to owning a manufactured home but in todays economy alot of people have upside down mortgages on site built homes. my question is does anyone live or have lived in one and whats your opinion on longevity.
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    Welcome to the BOC Trent. Good post. I've thought about putting one on my farm.

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    Trent,I live in one,My advice is ,get one that has 2x6 wallstuds. More insulation means less money on heating and cooling bills. Most newer MH are a far cry from "trailers" One other thing,you can save a bundle if you are construction savy and buy a repo. the one I have was 4 yrs old and we got it for 7,000. I had to do a little work here and there ,replace all the carpet but I can handle the offset cost for a little elbo grease.
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    i have one its a 28x52 skyline woodfield model i bought brand new in 1995 it has 2x6 walls only thing that is bad is the doors they wont take what kids put them though but no door will lol other than that mine has held up good im total electric and my bill avg's between 120-180 a month easy to heat and cool appliances that come with them is the cheapest they but mine are still working fine except the dishwasher had to replace it but for the money i dont think you can beat em
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    Ours has that MF home sticker,,,it was what they used to call pre fabs,,,,it came in on 8 semi's,,, with a crane,, it was assembled on the basement,,then we had 2 sides bricked,,,,it looks stick built,,, the only problem we have had is the floor joists,,,they are just 2x8s spanning 14 feet,,, I had to double them under the kitchen for a ceramic floor and tripled them where our wood stove sits in the living room,,, but I used steet brick with limestone caps around that stove,,, it is some weight...

    Ours is 28 x 54 feet,, we like it,,, our dishwasher quit to,,years ago,,, that cheap Whirpool was the best dishwasher we ever owned,,,,,lol,,,it was a good one...We built ours in 1979.

    I don't know if anyone makes pre fab homes any more.