Any reports on the Cape Fear river from lock 3 and up river?

Discussion in 'NORTH CAROLINA RIVERS TALK' started by rangercatman, Nov 7, 2008.

  1. rangercatman

    rangercatman Member

    Cameron, NC
    I havent been out in a couple of months...Im jonesing to hit the CF soon....Wanted to see if the bite is on anywhere from lock 3 & up river. Thanks
  2. Cathunter Pete

    Cathunter Pete New Member

    Fayetteville NC
    Was out last Sat. Night and the bite was on from dark until about 1am. Caught 9 blues all on eel, 6 of them were 10-12 lb range, and 3 in the low 20 lb range. The blues appear to be begining to school up together, caught all of them in 6-9 foot of water. Good luck to you.

  3. Fishing Fred

    Fishing Fred New Member

    Lillington, N.C
    A few Channels around the Lillington area. I haven't heard of anyone catching any Flatheads in se4veral weeks. I have fished the upper cape fear above Aventts Ferry ( Hwy 42 ) and the bite has been slow for bigger fish. Fished Jordan last Friday and the surface water temp was from 61 degrees to 63. The lower side of the dam should be just a degree or so cooler. The last two Fridays have almost had perfect weather conditions but the fish didn't seem to notice. Could have just been my far lest than perfect technics but I usually find the bite slow no matter where I'm fishing ! If you are interested in a trip during the week anywhere in that area contact me. My health still requires I have someone with me to share the heavy work ( anchors, cast nets, loading and unloading boat,) !