Any recent Kaw reports?

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  1. shadmaster

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    Gonna head over to Kaw in a few days. Last few times over was pretty much a bust. Dirty high water and the fish in the river weren't doing much on the rods. The juggers were catching a few small ones but nothing to brag about.
  2. dent60

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    we went again monday 4-28-08 put in at traders bend and went north up to the rocks at the power lines (aka green hagen, chiloco creek). caught 3 or 4 nothing great 2lbs. headed back south and fished east side in drifts and brush. caught 26 for the day 2 of us. we put in at 1 pm and left at 7pm. the guys that had jugs set were not doing any good when we talked to them. we used nothing but stink bait biggest was 12lbs smallest 1 1/2lbs. did not catch any dinks. a buddy of mine went sat to same launch but did not go as far north caught 21 biggest was 19lbs. we caught the most on the outside of structure towards middle. a lot of trash in river probally because of release amount out of lake. if i can help you pm me. as always good luck to everyone. ps check out my previous pst on kaw last week.