Any Poetry fans out here?

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    Hello everyone, I was wandering if there were any fans of Poetry here on the B.O.C.? I enjoy poetry although I haven't written in several years. So I thought I would post a few pieces to share from time to time.
    This particular poem was written for my parents while I was stationed in Ramstein Germany back in 1998. I then had the piece professionally matted and framed and it became a Christmas present that year.

    A Son’s Love​

    From the day I was born, Until the last day I live.
    In a world that is so greedy. You taught me the true meaning of the word give.

    Looking back when I was young. The clean clothes, and the hot meals.
    The warmth, and the love I received. Isn’t this how every child should feel?

    I can not recall a time; you guys didn’t do your best.
    If I had to grade you on being parents, You definitely aced the test.

    Growing up I know we didn’t always see eye to eye.
    But to say your not remarkable parents, that would be a lie.

    For you are the ones, who made me who I am.
    The two of you as my shepherd’s, Me being the lamb.

    I’ve been told it’s the hardest opening up to the ones you really love.
    I thank God everyday. Because to have you as my parents,
    Was a blessing from up above.

    Much like an angel. Your tenderness, and ability to care.
    My love may have been silent. But in my heart, it was always there.
    I would like to take this moment to say thank you, for a job well done.
    I feel honored to have you as my parents. This is coming from your son.

    Written and dedicated to
    my parents​
    On Wednesday October 28, 1998, completed at 6:55 a.m.
    Inside of 3f Bahnhofstrabse, Ramstein Village, Germany​
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    That is great I'm sure your parents are greatful.

    AS for myself I write a little. My son is a writer as well he has 8 peoms that have been printed in several books. we (wife and I) are trying ot get the books sent to us. from the publishers, so that we can suprize him with them. I haven't posted any of my writings because they were ment for my wife's eyes only. not saying they are dirty or anything but they were writen jsut for her. I will post a couple later on for everyone they belong to my son.

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    Way to go Garrett, Very nice poem, and give us more.
    Actually there are quite a few of us poets on the board. We love to read and share our works. We may get a poetry section here someday. Here is one of mine, enjoy :big_smile:
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    Thanks Jack for the link to your poem. I enjoyed it. It's amazing how poetry works on both the author and the readers. What I mean is that the Author of a poem usually has a wonderful feeling after he or she is able to capture his thoughts and work them into a poem. Then the reader is able to read the poem and sometimes take something away for just having read it.
    Thanks again,
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    bedford virginia
    Thanks for the readings i love reading it and if i could write it i would. do not know what part of my life i could start writing on but my life has been like a roller coaster but still on for the ride.
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    Nice poem Garrett, I'm sure your parents appreciated it and that they love you very much :smile2:. Here's a link to my "poetry from the past" thread, hope you like 'em. There's also a couple of mine in the religious forum, "The Perfect Life" and "Christmas".
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    Greats poetry.....I enjoy reading poetry exspeacily the ones based on life happenings,I once wrote a small one its not much but its how I felt the day I wrote it and was the only way I could deal with the sorrow,hate and angerI was feeling inside.I will post it here,but like I said I dont write poetry but that day the words came so easy.


    As I sit here wondering what to write
    My mind is a blank here tonight
    In my head I can think of words to put down
    But in my heart there are only frowns
    I think of the lives that were tragically lost
    And pray to God that that justice will be done at any cost
    The tears keep falling down my cheek
    And my heart keeps hurting as I wheep
    Now they are in heaven and at rest
    And we try to go on doing our best
    We will pray to get these evil men
    Who destroyed the lives and us within
    "God Bless The USA"

    Debbie Hubbard
    Detecated to the victums of 911
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    Great stuff...........unfortuneatly the only poems I can recall right now have to do with a certain youngman I knew from Nantucket......
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    South Carolina, Blackville
    My uncle wrote this poem. Earlier last year, he struck a deer on his motorcycle and had to have one leg amputated above the knee and lost various fingers and toes. What has shocked me is the lack of help he is getting from the government. He was denied financial assistance, was denied for a handicapped sticker (HE WALKED INTO THE DMV ON ONE LEG!!! And they told him "Sorry, we do not have proof that you are physically suffering or handicapped!", and was denied Medicare because "he did not have adequate proof of US Citizenship." He had a birth certificate, a diploma, a SSN, and many other documents, but he was turned down because he must be an illegal. Anyways, he writes poetry, and I thought I would share one of his poems:

    Smell my honest sweat
    And tilt your nose skyward
    See the dirt beneath my fingernails
    And clinch your own into fists
    See my friendly, callused hand extended
    And thrust yours deep into your pockets
    See my labor worn clothing
    And take a quick step back
    Hear my voice and ignore it
    Hear my words and disregard them
    Repay my kindness
    With haughty arrogance
    Probe my wounds
    Become numb to my pain
    For you are better than I
    In your own superior mind
    But if being superior
    Makes you deaf, and blind, and friendless
    I'm glad I am
    The man I am​