Any one used the BPS Megacast Baitcast reel?

Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by RLG74, Oct 26, 2007.

  1. RLG74

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    North carolina
    I'm new here so bear with me. Has anyone used the bass pro shops megacast baitcast reel? I have to many bills to buy a handfull of garcia c3 6500s. What would be an resonable substatute for the garcia?
  2. GMC FishHauler

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    Waco, Texas, Un
    the reel is not that great. Mine was in bad shapes after 3 months. if i were you i would save and buy an abu. it would be better to buy one used at pawn shop instead of the BPS reel

  3. koakley1

    koakley1 New Member

    I have a megacast from BPS also. Not real impressed, the casting break does not adjust and the bait clicker does not work. The rivots that hold the reel foot to the frame have come loose and that is after only one seasons use. I wish I put that money towards a better reel. Live and Learn !
  4. rspd507

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    Rising Sun,IN
    I personally dont have any of these myself. A co-worker of mine has used them as well as his son. He swears by them, says that they are great for the price. But you know what they say, you get what you pay for. They look very similar to the Garcia 6000 to me. Also, they were on sale at BPS for $24.95 I have four of the Garcia 6000's and am very satisfied with them. I bought mine off ebay with $41.00 being the most expensive one of the four reels. Try ebay, you can find good quality fishing reels for alot less. rspd507