Any one think there will be a big boom again

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    got my new f.f.g mag. 6.00$ rats 20.00$ coons 20.00-30.00 grey fox. could it be a profit year? gas will be the big factor. but i would trap no matter what anyhow. get perrmission to hunt some fine land thinning yotes and coons. anymore this can be priceless.
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    Bonne Terre, MO
    As soon as I can gather up enough cash, I've got a Johny Walker caller in layaway at wally world. I've got a guy with a cattle ranch who keeps telling me I can either come out there sometime in the near future and hunt them to extinction, or he's gonna start poisoning them. And by the way, anybody looking for access to some land for yote hunting in East-Central MO is welcome to join me. ;)

  3. Whitelightnin

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    The "price speculators" who list those prices have not been right on the coons or coyotes for YEARS. For the last few years, they always expect much better prices than the market winds up actually paying. Some fur has been making improvement in the prices but nothing like what they expect.

    I don't expect that there will be another fur boom like there was in the 70's in my lifetime. I'm 43. I also don't expect my grandkids to be able to trap like we can today. With the political situation heading in the direction it is, it wouldn't surprise me if we lose our right to trap in my lifetime.

    Please understand that I'm not a "doom & gloom" kind of person. I am just stating what I truly believe we are headed for. I am a lifetime member of the NTA & a member of several state trapping associations. I am in regular contact with my congressmen & I do what I can to fight for our right to trap but I'm in the minority. Most trappers today don't belong to any associations. That MUST change if we are to have ANY hope for the future of trapping. I'll get off my soapbox now.

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    I agree w/ whitelightnin the price they put in FFG is always way higher than what they are.
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    nafa has had some very impresssive sales in recent times, i still dont think they where be a fur boom though and i hope not that way i wont see every tom dick and harry out there this season
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    lol....I can think of a few places I'd like there to be a big "boom" :after_boom:

    Seriously.....doubt it'd ever happen, in todays world it's "buy cheap-sell high". Granted, everyone's gotta eat & have a roof over their head, but it's gone to extremes :sad2:

    I'd say predicted fur prices will be about as accurate as the local weather forecast.....and we all know how the weatherman nails-it everytime :big_smile:

    But, I can see where foreign winters & held-over fur plays a role in it. I always sell through the State Trapping Association auctions, it benefits them (commissions) and I have the choice then & there to sell or pick-up my's also nice to leave with the furcheck in the wallet.