Any one fished or fishing the Little River in TX

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  1. catfishermanstiles

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    looking for people fishing or fished the little river in tx what part you may have fished I fish close to Temple tx and Belton tx any feedback would be helpfull thanks
  2. Knighthawk

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    Born and raised on the Little River. Don't fish it much anymore. Land owners don't want to let you get on. Knighthawk

  3. gadzooks

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    Kingwood, Tx (Houston)
    This question came up today on another forum, As with all Texas rivers, its access that's the problem. Once you are on them, you are ok. Of course, some property owners think the own the heavens and water, so if you are breathing what they see as their air or in their water, they get pretty uppity. Can't argue with a rifle or shotgun. Apparently, there are several places you can access the river, this describes two stretches...go to the main page to see the other section. Also, check out the Texas Parks and Wildlife web page. It has some pretty good information on rivers in Texas. Both of these websites are probably more oriented to the paddlesport crowd than fishermen, but the info is valid.
  4. bgtxcatfisherdonald

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    recently me and some friends set some trout lines on the little river,we had no luck the temple side is realy shallow need to find deeper holes,also had problems keeping hookes baited, we set them on the way down river and about an hour later,on are way back up we checked them , allmost all of them had to be rebaited,maybe perch or gar got um. no luck there!!!:sad: