Any of you Michigan guys just have one of those days

Discussion in 'LOCAL MICHIGAN TALK' started by hear_kitty, May 8, 2007.

  1. hear_kitty

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    Vassar Mi
    Where you been waiting for the 25 mi an hour wind to die down to get out and hit your favorite spot. You get to the dock unload the boat get in thinking man is this going to be a great night! Only to find out that the crap gods are about to dump all over you!!!!! First you find that your one and only 8yr old son has been playing in your boat and left your trolling motor on.And killed your battery no running lights on fish finder no depth finder.And like father like son have left the propane in the truck! AND to top it all off could not get a bite to save your life!
  2. RiverKat

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    I feel your pain Don. It's all happened to me too. Sometimes with customers aboard. I've had my motor refuse to start, anchors for some reason not hold bottom, and that damn wind is never invited. I was trying to think of something wind is actually good for. Sailing? Other than that I hate wind.


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    Been there, too, Don.
    Every boat has a seat for "Murphy", when Murphy's Law kicks in...
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    Don I had one of those turkey seasons. After passing on three jakes opening day it was all over. They seem to want to roost on my and my neighbors line fence, and always go his way. The last three day I hunted some different property. We found birds every day but when they flew down they went the other way. We set up on the other side and they went the other way. My season was over Sunday. On monday a young fellow and his day hunted that property and shot a nice Tom shortly after they flew down. He was hunting with his dad that borrowed a box call the night before and a video on how to call. BINGO. I am glad the young guy got his bird but it shows how the rules of fate can work. Hang in there our day will come. Or just remember the times everything has work just right.