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Any of ya'll

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ever fish the NE Cape Fear river or the Black river ?
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i have fished the black river and i always fish the cape.I havent got the chance to get out on the black river in a long time but i usally hit the cape at least 3 times a week maybe more. How far NE are you talking?
The Northeast Cape Fear river runs from Wilmington back through Castle Hayne,Burgaw,Watha ,Wallace and so on.It get really small back up around Wallace.It does however have some nice holes around Burgaw up towards Wilmington.Holly Shelter Creek is there at Burgaw also.Which is a nice ,long, scenic creek.Some good fishing in there too.I believe the NECF emptys into the Black River somewhere :confused: .Anyway,there are boat access areas in CastleHayne at hwy 117 , at Burgaw off of hwy 53.One of those being at Saw Pit landing(to the right before you cross the river bridge on 53 just out of Burgaw) and the reservation landing on Holly Shelter road just past Holland's Shelter Creek Resturant(great place to eat by the way and some good fried catfish).Another landing is off hwy 41 outside Wallace .It is on the Cypress Hole road.Very shallow up that way too but nice.
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Timber, I don't have any knowledge of that area,till now.
To me that was about as clear and consise an answer that you could hope to get.
Straight to the point with great directions. Thanks man that was great.
No Problem :D .That really is a super nice river.I like to think I know it fairly well from Burgaw to Wallace.I spend alot of time in it duck hunting and fishing.You can also find all the wildlife boat landing access areas on the nc wildlife web page.Don't know that web address right off the top of my head but I will try to find it and post it later.

Timber Cat
Found it ;)

In case this doesn't work you can go to . Look under boating and waterways then maps and locations. This will give you every public boating access maintained by NC.Hope this helps :D
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