Any luck?

Discussion in 'LOCAL INDIANA TALK' started by beaneye46, May 12, 2006.

  1. beaneye46

    beaneye46 New Member

    has anyone been catching a big flathead here lateley. i havn't even got as much as a bite in three weeks. and ive been fishing my honey hole too. i don't know if this weather is messing things up or what.
  2. shortbus

    shortbus New Member

    I haven't had a good hit yet. I think the water needs to warm up just a bit. It's getting close man.

  3. sam

    sam New Member

    Martinsville IN
    Fishing has been slow for the flatheads. There was a 52 or 62, don't remember which was caught about a month ago in the Martinsville area, and several small ones.
    The White river here is high and muddy, and no good reports of any big ones since then.
  4. SkiMax

    SkiMax Well-Known Member

    Rising Sun, IN
    we are hooking into tons of 8-15#. i had one on (of course my cheap pole that i throw out for small channels) that woulda gone at least 30 (probably closer to 45). we are using nothing but live shad. we are catching 15-20 nicer ones and going to use them. when they are gone or dead we go catch more. the flatties are tearing them up. we are catching them inside nasty nasty log jams or at the mouths of feeder creeks (on the ohio river). mainly at feeders as a ton of shad are hanging out there. good luck!
  5. rodpod

    rodpod New Member

    Evansville, Ind
    I went out tonight to the Ohio River at the mouth of a creek for some flatheads. We caught some bluegill to take with us and ended up with two nice runs and no fish. The bluegill were around 10" or so and lively. Each run the bluegill would freak out few seconds then just take off screaming. Had the first run after about 5 minutes being there and was pretty optimistic about the night. But it was pretty slow after that. I need to get some live shad, because thats what I seem to do best with down there. In the summertime I can net some right there where we fish.
  6. MadKater

    MadKater New Member

    last saturday i caught my first flatheads of the season..first was a small 4# flat second flat was a better 23# flat and the thrid was a decent 12# all 3 where caught about 20min apart fished from about 3pm-4am and caugth them around 11pm or so...i lost a real nice flat at the bank do to equipmnet failure,i thought sh ebroke my leader but turned out she busted my swivel,the flat didnt look more then 30-35# and i was using a spro power swivel rated to 250# so im thinking i had damaged my swivel some how or maybe was using a defective one???????...we caught 2 decent blues as well one was 9.6 and the other was just shy of 15#...a long night but definatly a good night for what i consider early in the season....the 2 smaller flats where caught on gold fish and the one i lost and the 23# where caught on live blue gill the blues where caught on fresh cut shad..also caugth a couple small channels maybe 2-3#s a peice on cut shad and shrimp.....gonna try an all nighter next weekend and hopefully catch a few more flats....also we where only fishing in water that was no more then 6' at the deepest most of our rods where set in water that is waist deep.
  7. river scum

    river scum New Member

    hooterville indiana
    havent had the chance to get out in 2 weeks. the rain has the river in prime shape but this damn cold front has dropped our rivers back into the low 50s. i think me and polecat are goin to try monday foe a bit. pics and reports on there way guys.

    good luck in. brothers: tim
  8. catseeman

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    Indianapolis, Indiana
    Yeh,I know how you feel baitfish, I finally got the catfishmobile road worthy and the it rainsfor a week. Anyone seen a guy in an ark flost passed there place? lol

    good luck , lenny