Any luck with any Fishbites baits?

Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by mikesmoff, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. mikesmoff

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    New York
    Has anyone ever had any luck using any Fishbites products for Cats?

    They make a lot of different "bait substitutes" in numerous "flavors", but the baits themselves have no real odor in the packaging and not much when wet.

    Their Bloodworm baits look like a long skinny stick of Big Red gum.

    They are primarily marketed as a Saltwater product, but I figure most Cats will eat anything, so...

    And they also make a Catfish bait called "Hey Mon" or something like that-interesting marketing approach.

    Real easy to carry around, no stink, last forever in a tackle box or bag, BUT

    Do they work?

    I will try some, but I'm curious if anyone's already been through this.

    Thanks again!
  2. lendog

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    i got the bloodworm fishbites for stripers a couple years ago, i didn't put enough time in using them but they stay on the hook very well infact too well and are hard to get off the hook since they have this mesh in the center, after a few months the pack got dried out and i haven't used them since, but i have heard good reports with them, esp. for saltwater species:cool2:

  3. Jollymon

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    The bloodworm work very good in saltwater in the fall when the spots r running ,real bloodmorm 1or 2 fish rebait these u can catch a lot more fish on them before having to replace it ,knife is the ezest way to remove it off hooks