Any luck on the Rediversion Canal?

Discussion in 'SOUTH CAROLINA LAKES / RESERVOIRS' started by flathead22, May 17, 2006.

  1. flathead22

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    south carolina
    I have fished the rediversion canal many times but had no real luck to speak of. A friend of mine said he caught about 800lbs in three days that possible? anyone ever had big catches over there?
  2. klemsontigers7

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    The rediversion canal is good for early - mid spring so it should have been good the past couple of months. The first time I ever fished it was in mid april 3 years ago and we caught about 500 lbs in a couple days until a front moved through. From what I remember, we had 2 fish over 40 lbs. We went back 2 months later at the beginning of that June and didn't do any good there.