Any James River suggestions?

Discussion in 'VIRGINIA RIVERS TALK' started by Bryan8552, May 5, 2007.

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    My two sons and I (Chris 11 and Ryan 7) are thinking about making a trip to the James next weekend (12th). Ryan and I were there in January and used a ramp near Chester VA. I think it was called Dutch Gap. When we left we had to climb the pilons to get on the dock and the current was very strong there because of a power plant slightly upstream. Not the end of the world of course but I was wondering if maybe there was a better launch. Also, any suggestions about where to catch bait and where to fish would be appreciated!
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    Hello Bryan, I agree the current can be strong there during full tide..I launch from Osborne landing it is probly the best around here...but on the other side of the river. Here is a link to landings in the area about the bait,I try to use whats in the river.herring is the best and can still be caught upriver near richmond using sabiki rigs...or bring some nightcrawlers and catch stiffback and bream they all work....A place to fish? The cats are gonna be spawning soon the river temps are getting up there...I would fish around dutch gap area dropoffs,mouth of the channels going into the old river channels but be careful the old river channels are shallow in some places take it slow,watch your depth finder and you'll be fine:big_smile: ....I have a party to go to that morning but i will be out there later...I have a 21' Dark blue four winns .....act like your broke down i will stop...:big_smile:

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    this time the ends of the wing dams are a pretty good spot .Look for big marks on the derth finderin the swirl holes also in the channel edges look for current breaks which indicate a underwater structure . Any place you find drastic water depth changes is a good place. Osborne is a great landing as is deep bottom. Deep bottom is a little claser to bait. Give me a call when you get there and I will try to help with bait 804 627 2493