Any good catfish lakes around San Angelo

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  1. psg2628

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    Austin, Texas
    I am going out to San Angelo this weekend and want to do some catfishing. Are there any good lakes for a small boat out there???
  2. jsharper

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    I think they are having boat races at Nasworthy and it is a party lake on week-ends. You might loook at the area below the Twin Buttes spillway. There is a small lake on Bell Street, no motors allowed that I have heard can be good. O. C. Fisher dried up about 3 years ago, but has been restocked. It is in the state park and they charge a day use fee. I have a friend that has been doing ok on small cats there. Twin Buttes can be ok. Lots of brush, makes the fish hard for me to find sometimes. Free also. How small is your boat? There are lots of places to fish, I am not that good and usually have the kids, so serius fishing is not something that I get to do often. If you are going to be here a while, bait a hole with range cubes or sour grain for a day or two, then fish that.