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Any fish on Chickamaunga?

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Does anybody know where a good fishing spot near harrison bay is? :confused: It's on Lake Chickamaunga. I'd love :wub: and appreciate any help :) . Also could you tell me what baits to use.Please :crying: ! Thanks! :D
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antfish, send a personal message to fish (thats his name on here) his real name is jim marshall and he can tell you a good bit about the fishing areas in tennessee and chattanooga. just thought i would let you know since nobody else volunteered any help lol i might actually try fishing there before long so you might run into me down there lol good luck man!
Antfish, I got your message but I am having trouble sending replies to my e-mail here on the board. Could you e-mail me at my personal e-mail address and I will be glad to help you all I can buddy. My E-Mail address is [email protected]
your welcome antfish glad i could help you a little lmao jim is the best person to ask for advice
Hey antfish,sorry for the delayed reply but I been outa town this week. We been doing real well on Chickamauga in the main river channel. Catchin a lot of blues, 3 to 5 lbs with several in the 8 to 10 lb range. Been using cured chicken liver,raw shrimp and garlic hotdogs. Stay in 45 to 60 feet of water and drift dragging the bottom.
Best I can do for ya bud.

whatever it takes

Antfish, I agree with Cheez. I fished last Saturday and again on Labor day with about the same results. Most of the fish were 3-5 pounds with a few that went 8 to 10 pounds. I saw one fish caught on Monday that would have gone 25+. As we drifted by I asked what he was using and it was the same as me, garlic hot dogs and garlic cured chicken livers.

The shad were present in huge numbers on Monday. Also present a large number of Bass boats. I only saw a few Bass landed but they were whipping the water with lures <grin> I think because of all the shad, Monday was not as productive as Saturday.

Does anyone know where the Sequoia nuclear plant discharges its water? There was a huge eddy that my trolling motor would not pull the boat and I had to start the engine to move the boat. I assume this was from the water being discharged into the river. There must be a huge discharge pipe some where near the middle of the river. Does anyone know if this is correct?
Directly across from the plant in the middle of the river channel you can see the water "boiling" up, this is the discharge. It is just up river of the big power lines that cross the river. Iv'e had my best luck anchoring just above the discharge and casting towards it, not in it. Is the eddy your talking about just in front of the big rock bluff?
Yes, that is where I thought it must be because of all the rolling water. There were several boats and float boats anchored and were casting in that direction. Also this is where an anchored boat landed the larger Blue cat.

I had been drifting South of the discharge to about 1/2 mile South of the second set of power lines before returning to start another drift.

Thanks for the info I'll try North of the discharge.

Have you tried any of the wing dams? There were several boats anchored there on Monday but looked to be fishing for crappie. But that was just a guess on my part.

Thanks again!!
Yeah, the wingdams can be good at times. This year we have gotten a few 20&30lbers and a huge cat that was probably around 60lbs fishing the front side of the wingdams. I wouldn't give them a lot of time, try 2 or 3 spots in front of them and if you don't get anything go to the discharge and around the bluff in that deep water.
About a month ago I saw a guy land a 50+ flathead right along that bluff. He told me at the boat ramp he was using live bluegills. I can't remember very well but I think he was also fishing the gills under a large pole float rather than on bottom.
Thanks for information drc3

I have never tried near the bluff but now that you mention it, the river does make a bend there. Don't know why I've never tried near the shore but Saturday morning I will try the Bluff area.

THANKS for the info, I hope to see you there sometime with a huge Blue or Flat on your line. :D

Thank you again

This spot was brought to my attention today so I thought I would share it.
This is the upper end of Chickamauga lake almost to WattsBar dam. Around marker 516 on the river channel you'll see a set of submerged rock dikes. It looks like there are about seven of them. I'm gonna try and fish that area ASAP!!!
drc3 long time sense we last talked. I know the general area. Let me know how it goes. My self i'm still looking for a big one.Haven't got to go sense July when my boat blew up. shout at you later!!!
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