Any Engineers in the BOC?

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    Hello My BOC brothers just wondering if any of you were engineers or work with electronics & pneumatics? I've put together a Industrial automation trade show and technical seminar for June 13th in Elizabethtown. Just wanted to invite everyone out to learn some new safety applications from STI/Omron and see the new pneumatic technology from Norgen. There will be several other companies that will be there also with products and information. If any of my BOC brothers would be interested or know someone that would be, just send me out a PM and I'll give you all the details.
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    Arnold, MO
    It's about time Norgren is changing something. Mac and ARO (IR) has been beating them out for years.
    Thanks for the offer, but work ends for me when I clock out every day. I come here to get away from thinking about it. :big_smile:

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    I worked in the petrochemicals industry for 32 years. All instruments and control valves were pneumatic. When the first computer was installed in 1976 a device called a Pilot Operated Stepping Valve was used to connect the pneumatic instruments to the computer. It was an electrical pulse motor that drives a pilot valve spool.

    I bet that trade show would be interesting.

    Where we use to live in TX they had The Permian Basin Oil Show every two years. We usually made every one of those.