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Any Boat mechanics around

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I got a 16 foot, some indian named boat, with a 1973 Johnson 50 on the back. Heres the deal. The guy let the a$$ end sink at his dock. The motor was under water maybe a half a day. He pulled the plugs and tried to get it to crank but it was locked up. He gave it to me for $150.00 for boat motor and trailer. Cant beat that. I got to the house, pulled the plugs, sprayed the cylinders with PB blaster and worked the flywheel back and forth and it turned over within a few. The starter silinoid is bad and I think the carbs are stopped up. It'll crank on starting fluid, but thats as far as I've gotten. Anyone want to help a brother out. Its my first boat and I'd love to get at least one good run before I take it to the lake and sink it.
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Hey Matt, if going through the carb stuff doesn't work, try pulling the flywheel and check the stator for rust...Coil packs may be going bad if they're old... Look at the diagrams on before you start...
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