Any action @ 14th Street?

Discussion in 'VIRGINIA RIVERS TALK' started by freshbaitrules, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. freshbaitrules

    freshbaitrules New Member

    I have not seen anyone fishing (in a boat) up at the 14th street bridge area yet. I cross the river every workday. All the boats are down around the big rock.
    Are the stripers not thick enough yet for people to be up there or is there some other reason.
    I have not fished that area in several years but when we used to go we could bust'em pretty good on topwater.
    Just curious!
  2. Dallison

    Dallison Member

    Yesterday I went down to Rockets landing and people were fishing really early. I got there at 7am and it was a good sized crowd. I went there to catch some shad to use for bait up at Osbourne Boat landing. I didn't catch any but you could see people in boats were pulling them in left and right.
    I did collect several shad people left on the dock. Enough to fish with for yesterday and today. I figured standing in the rain trying to catch a fish for 2 hours wasn't going to pan out so I moved up river, by then the rain stopped.
    Still didn't catch anything at the Boat Landing, nobody did. Fish win again.
    good luck