"Anticipation"-without lyrics

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    Isn't technology wonderful. Like an addiction to this forum when you jump on the computer to see what's new, I have that addiction to the weather channels. Used to be when you went to Grandmas you got in the car and went. If it rained it rained. We had a tornado 3 miles East of us on the first of June. 1 mile wide, 16 miles on the ground, 120 MPH winds. It was a little one-kind of dinky. Came out of nowhere-There was no "Anticipation". It came and went. I hadn't for personal reasons paid any attention to my beloved weather channels.
    I have "Anticipation" now. Cold front from the NW, heat from the S. Jet stream directly over our head from S to N. Scheduled like a plane flight, it's arrival is Thursday P.M. Trouble brewing and it will prob. be at night. I hate them when they come at night. The trouble with knowing 3 days ahead of time is that it can make you psycho. I can't not stop watching the weather, except that it makes me crazy. How do you folks handle this? Just unplug the computer? Couldn't access this forum though-would have withdrawal symptoms with my DT's. Maybe I'll move to Oklahoma where it's safer.